Working and business styles, and business rules are various depending on companies and people.
At Nextmode, we have a "culture" as a company that we value trust and freedom.

We will change the way we work
with the cloud.

Opinions cannot be communicated unless meetings are held in face-to-face.
Contracts must be finalized through documentation.
There is no way managing attendance without those who commute to an office.

We hear such things above oftentimes as reasons why remote work can't be feasible.
However, there are many cases that challenges in relation to things such as communication, security, managing employee circumstances, and managing progress of projects can be resolved by means of the cloud.

We Nextmode is the company where all of us work remotely. We have a lot of members who've never met in-person each other at an office out of 40 employees. Even so, leveraging variety of tools and technologies ranging from SaaS enables us to carry out our tasks with no stagnation.

We are aiming to find out the best way of work leading us to become extensively efficient and to maximize our profit, keeping us away from restriction inflicted by location and time.

We are willing to provide our know-how that acquired through various experiences on remote work to all customers.
Our hope is to change the way of work leveraging the cloud. We would like to utilize the cloud with a view to creating a world where everyone can get down to work with more happiness and freedom. We would feel glad if we are able to share the passion with you.

We build open and fair relationships.

An entity placing an business-related order and the other receiving it, client and vendor, customers and the suppliers. Any business relationships exemplified among those tell us that both parties don't necessarily stand on the same ground.

At Nextmode, there are no hierarchical relationships based on position. We believe that we can come up with new ideas and work together more profitably by sharing ideas on an equal footing.
We would like to build this kind of relationship with all of our customers. We stand on the same field as a partner to complete a project, build a relationship filled with fairness while sharing dignity each other, and embark on our work in openness and integrity. We are convinced that this is the way of working that yields the maximum benefit. Please let us build an open and fair relationship with you and help you accomplish your business objectives in the best shape.

We share the know-how
Internally and Externally.

Many companies treat their business know-how as internal property and do not disclose the details. Of course intellectual property should be protected, but once we keep it in black box, its contribution to whole society would end up with decline.

We, the members of Nextmode, not only provide our customers with the technology and know-how we have gained from our experience, but also widely share it through external media, blogs, and seminars. We believe that sharing our know-how and knowledge with the world will change the way of working. If there is anything you want to know, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime. We will freely provide you with everything we know and have.

All products and services
we handle are used in-house.

It is important to utilize SaaS such as Google Workspace, Asana, and Notion to work with the Cloud. However, we wonder if many of you may be confused which one to choose among the numerous services.

All of the SaaS services that we provide implementation support for are ones that we ourselves use, enabling us to provide you with detailed explanations of their characteristics, upsides, and downsides of our services, with which we are considerably familiar because we use them first-hand in fact. We offer aftercares such as detailed follow-up on instruction, proposals according to the situation, and maintenance services. Please feel free to contact us, since we are always ready to give you straight-forward and succinct advices associated with our products once you casually ask us if our products are actually easy to use.

We don't sell workcations,
but we can help you build a environment as secure as an office.

At Nextmode, all of our employees work remotely. A location you work doesn't necessarily have to be your home. Each member chooses where they are intent to work at their free will, such as at a cafe, at their hometown, or in a car while traveling. Even " Workcation (work + vacation)" is another option. In order to realize this work style, it is necessary to build a work environment and security similar to those in an office.

At Nextmode, we are not only providing tools and services, but also offering various supports to change the "way of working" holistically. By changing the place where you work, the environment, and the way you work, new ideas and synergies can be created.

We are also capable of providing you with advices on recommended destinations for your workcations and what  items would be useful to bring with you. If you are interested in introducing remote work and workcations, please contact us at Nextmode.

New ways of working
with the Cloud